Philippines 2009 and 2010

My 15 day trip to the Philippines was a great missionary journey. I preached twenty-one times in five churches and two prisons. I arrived in Iloilo early in the morning and was met by Pastor Edmund Molinos and his brother, George. After checking into a hotel, a quick shower and change of clothes, I was off to a meeting with almost 200 preachers and a crowd of other folks for three days. I preached with Mark Chappell from Phoenix, Arizona, and Will Rice and Tim Thompson of the Bill Rice Ranch in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I flew to Cebu City for all day Sunday services with Dr. Armie Jesalva and about five thousand people. Monday morning I was once again in the air to Cagayan in Minnandow. They took me immediately to the church where about three hundred preachers and a crowd of over one thousand were waiting.

I preached seven times in three days where Dimver Andales is pastor. Pastor Andales drove me three hours to catch a ferry. I was met there by Bob Tevault, a missionary from Franklin Road Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, where I preached to his people for two nights. Bob and Susan took excellent care of me and delivered me to the city of Dipolog where missionary Bruce Rice and his wife serve the Lord. We had a great day and I preached three times to a packed house.

I was off Monday morning for Manilla where Pastor Gilbert Toquero picked me up at the airport, took me to McDonald's for lunch, then delivered me to the home of John and Brenda Himes from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. They have worked as missionaries to the deaf for years. They fed me a turkey dinner, gave me a place to rest, then took me back to the airport for my flight home. They saved me from hanging around the airport over ten hours. My flight took me from Manilla to Seoul, Korea, then to Chicago, then home. It was great to get home to my wife, Mary, my desk, and my bed.

Speakers and delegates at Temple Baptist Church Iloilo, Pastor Edmund Molinos

Morning session at Iloilo

Bible Baptist Church, Cebu City, Pastor Armie JeSalva

Lapasan Baptist Church, Cagayan, Pastor Dimver Andales

Westside Baptist Church, Dipolog, Pastor Bruce Rice

Dr. Tom Wallace, Bob and Susan Tevault

Missions Trip to Philippines

Dr. Wallace and B.I.M.I Missionary, Rick Martin

IBC Alumni

The above picture is the alumni pastors of Iloilo Baptist College. More than 1200 churches have been started by the graduates from Bro. Martin's school.

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The trip to the Philippines was a very fruitful and busy time. I preached 14 times in eight different locations. I was in the city of Iloilo, and Negros Island. The pastor of the host church, Temple Baptist Church, was Pastor Edmund Molinos. In a prison with 400 - 500 inmates, the song leader was tremendous, the keyboard player was amazing, and the singing was fantastic. About 50 men came forward to be saved.

Every church I preached in was packed to capacity with chairs outside. The last Sunday morning there were 255 in a service and 40 of them came to be saved. One young man brought his motor cycle gang of 15 and every one of them followed him down the aisle. The closing Sunday night I preached for B.I.M.I. missionary, Rick Martin. He had a hundred voice choir, another hundred in an orchestra, and between 2200 - 2500 in attendance. About 250 came forward for various reasons.

One thing Rick did seemed to be a great idea! He had a man at the front with a microphone and people began to come forward with the folks they had led to the Lord, either at the invitation time, or during the week. Each one took the mike and introduced their convert to the congregation, then all of them applauded. This kept the emphasize on soul-winning. He has about 1200 young men out pastoring churches. In the pastors' meeting, Bro. Molinos challenged Bro. Martin to sing a solo for the Thursday night crowd. He agreed, providing I would sing with him. We sang a verse of the Old Rugged Cross. I counted that a great privilege and a highlight of my ministry.

The main point of the trip was a three-day soul-winning conference with about 300 pastors. Mark Chappell, Paul Chappell's brother from Phoenix, Don Frazier from Open Door Church in Westminister, and Keith Cullers from Taiwan, and myself were the speakers. We had a three hour session in the afternoon on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and used Larry Staner's material. The pastors went soul-winning and won a lot of folks. They also got material to take back to their church to teach their people and get a good soul-winning program going in their church. They had a big banner in the front that said, "SWORD OF THE LORD SOUL-WINNING CONFERENCE" We plan to do it again next year.

Bro. Wallace, January, 2009


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