We have several items available which we believe will be helpful. We are not set up at this time to accept credit cards; however, if you would like to order you may do so. Send us an E-Mail. Give us the title of the item you wish to order and include the shipping address. We will mail the order to you along with an invoice.

We have Books as well as Sermons. The CD's are shown below.

15 CD'S

This has been released on CD's by the Sword of the Lord. It was previously on tapes. You will enjoy Dr. Wallace's deep resonate voice as he narrates the King James Version of the New Testament. There are 15 CD's in the set. $25.00 plus shipping


This CD has 10,000 files including sermons, Sunday school lessons, topic files, Bible files, doctrinal studies, illustrations, humor, poems, articles, and over 100 full-length sermons. There are also book studies and a list of webpage links and much, much more. $20.00 plus shipping

Bible on cd

Power Bible CD contains 18 Bible commentaries, 8 topical references, 3 Bible Dictionaries, Strong's Greek and Hebrew definitions, 700 Spurgeon sermons, 700,000 cross references, ISB Encylopedia. Works beautifully with word processing. $20.00 plus shipping


Francis Dixon outlines on CD. There are 674 of these 4-page outlines. They are in 13-week study series on books of the Bible, prophecy, parables, disciples, topics, etc. They come in Microsoft Pubisher format and also Adobe Reader. They print out in a 4-page format ready to fold and insert into your Bible. $10.00 plus shipping

Humorous stories=

One hour of humorous stories told by Dr. Tom Wallace, labeled and indexed. These are stories from his own experience as well as those told by other preachers. $10.00 plus shipping

Moses and the Burning Bush

Moses and the Burning Bush is one of the messages preached by Dr. Wallace. You can find a list of other messages which are also available on CD. $5.00 plus shipping

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