Janice Morgan

Mrs. Janice Morgan is a very talented and busy lady. She serves the Lord with gladness. She ministers with her husband, Dr. John Morgan, in Brooklyn, New York. This is someone you should know.

Janice has taken on many roles in her life, from wife, mother, and grandmother (a position she LOVES), to literature teacher and principal of a Christian school, college professor, a Sunday school teacher and a church pianist. In every area of her life she has exhibited joy and love as she carries on the duties that God has given her. To those who watch her, she has been able to portray that living in the will of God is something to be desired.

She was born in Albemarle, North Carolina, (about one hour east of Charlotte). She married John R. Morgan on January 27, 1963. They have three children: Major Patrick Shawn Morgan, Melinda (Morgan) Cazis, and Joy (Morgan) Donaghue.

Mrs. Morgan began her education at Endy Elementary School and where she met her future husband. Following her early education, she attended West-Stanly High School. She later enrolled with her husband to be trained at Tennessee Temple University under the leadership of Dr. Lee Roberson. While serving at the university she helped her husband as co-captain of a bus route and in the starting of the Etowah Baptist Tabernacle (which was sixty miles from their home).

After her husband graduated with honors, from Tennessee Temple Bible college, they took a position at the Berean Baptist Church. It was here that she assisted her husband in starting a bus ministry, and a singles Sunday school class. She also assisted him in planning receptions, socials, Sunday school campaigns, and even a building program.

One year later, the Morgans sought counsel from Dr. Lee Roberson and Dr. Frank Rosser and were challenged to consider New York City — a great mission field in desperate need of good churches. Following their survey trip to New York City, they resigned from their work at Berean and began planning for the journey of a lifetime!

On January 10, 1976, they packed up their three children, Patrick (12), Melinda (6), Joy (almost 2) and their Siamese cat, Dusty, and departed for the North. Just over a month later they held their first International Baptist Church service with 29 people in attendance, with three salvations!

During the first ten years of their ministry, Mrs. Morgan encouraged and helped Dr. Morgan as he led the church to start a bus ministry, three French speaking chapels, the Sunday school ministry, the deaf ministry, the Phoster club, and the Christian school! It was also during that time that God allowed the Morgans to purchase their first properties in New York. Eventually, God opened up the opportunity for church services and from that location, a Bible college and a Christian school emerged.

The next ten years were full of growth; one anniversary Sunday shows a service attendance of 5,000 (through satellite services throughout Brooklyn). That day, the church saw over 500 people saved! Eventually, God opened up the opportunity for church services and later a Bible college to be started in Stony Brook, Long Island. It was during these years that Mrs. Morgan learned how to manage not one, but two households, and care for not one location, but one church spread out over two locations. She showed how big her God is, and once again took on the challenge with a trusting and grateful heart.

The Morgans praying daily for a bigger buiding to hold the crowds of people that God gave them. The Sunday school classes were held on buses and they were holding A, B, C, and D services. After one year, God granted their petitions and gave them the majestic 312 Coney Island Avenue building.

International Baptist Church is preparing to celebrate their 32nd anniversary this year! Only time will tell of the countless lives that have been changed because of two people willing to "risk" it all on God. While Dr. John Morgan has been a pillar of faith over these years, we know that behind every great man is a great woman. Mrs. Janice Morgan is the epitome of a great woman.

Mrs. Morgan has truly taught by example that serving God is a worthwhile cause. She has lived the life that so many start out to achieve. The only difference is, she didn't look back; she is still going forward. One of her favorite songs, "Christ Is Not a Disappointment," captures what she lives. Through years of hard times and seemingly endless work, she has shown that the work of God is not a thankless, tiring chore to be accomplished — it is a wonderful, rewarding life to be lived. Mother, grandmother, teacher and friend ‚ that is our Mrs. Morgan.

~Ray Cazis~

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