Mary Louise Ford

Louise and Joe Ford

My husband has known Mrs. Ford for many years. I have only known her for 5 years, but she has been a blessing to me in those years. Recently we had breakfast with the Fords at the hotel where we were staying. Mrs. Ford gave out three tracts before she left. She is a "jewel." Her daughter provided the information for her bio-sketch.

~Mary Wallace~

Mary Louise Lummus was a young girl who had the hand of God on her life. She was saved as a teenager in rural east Texas. this intelligent young lady graduated from high school a year early and went to work in the courthouse of her little town. Soon after, she met Joe Ford and they were married after he finished his time in the navy. After a brief time at Sam Houston State Teacher's College, Joe transferred to East Texas Baptist College to study for the ministry. It was while attending this Bible college that an evangelist named Eddie Martin came to town and preached on Religious, but Lost. Joe was genuinely converted at that time. Not long after, Joe and Louise heard of a school named Tennessee Temple College in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Much to their family's dismay, they packed up their belongings and their two girls and started the big move from Texas to Tennessee. People in their home town did not understand this move, but this young couple was following the call of God on their lives despite what people were saying.

As their third daughter of six children, I am so very thankful that my parents were willing to step out by faith and, actually, start a new life for themselves and for their children. It was a life of putting God first, of living by faith, of serving others, and of taking a stand for godliness.

I was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, while my parents were attending Tennessee Temple. In fact, my birth interrupted y mother's education, and she was happy to stay home and take care of her three daughters while her husband finished school. I have heard stories of how those years were lived totally by faith as the funds that came in were not usually enough to meet the bills. Oftentimes, God provided money and food through "mystery" friends. Dr. and Mrs. Tom Wallace moved to Chattanooga at the same time my parents did. God knit their hears and gave them a lifetime friendship. I have heard my parents talk ofen of what a blessing the Wallaces were and are to them.

As my parents pastored and ministered in churches in Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee, they had all six of us kids laboring right along with them. The fact that all of us loved every minute of it, in large part, can be attributed to my mother. She was content. She enjoyed counseling people in our home; she talked patiently to people on the phone who needed her ear; she cooked tirelessly for visiting pastors and missionaries and church members; and she could stretch a dollar until could be stretched no more.

All six children have been and are in the ministry...praise to God...six for six is quite an accomplishment! My mother was faithful to teach us, and now we are striving to faithfully teach others, also. Rita is the Dean of Women at West Coast Baptist College where her husband is the Dean of Students. Mona is the secretary at the church where her huband is assistant pastor. I teach at West Coast Baptist College where my husband is the vice president. Joey was a youth pastor for 20 years and now teaches Bible in his church's institute and has a singing ministry. Lyla teaches a ladies' Bible study in the church where her husband pastors. Lisa is the church secretary where her husband pastors..

Thank you, Mama, for staying faithful thesse many years. I rise up and call you blessed.

Suza Ford Rasmussen

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